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You have invested so much time, energy, money, creativity and effort into your business. The time to start developing an Exit Strategy is now, no matter when you plan to sell.
You know you have an excellent product and/or service. The potential is there, and you are smart enough to realise that you could use some expert help in maximising that potential.
You have done a great job so far, founding and building your business. But, do you have the resources you need to make the most of all you have accomplished?
These diagnostics are designed to Score Your Business and will allow us to analyse and report back to you in detail.

Transition Advisory Alliance is an award winning Australian business advisory practise that specialises in business growth strategies and exit/succession planning. TAA Planning delivers measurable business improvements for its clients. Our focus is on creating intelligent proven business growth strategies and exit/succession planning solutions to fit all business models using our broad expertise and experience.

We employ top tier consultants who know how to focus on true business outcomes for clients, rather than on the ‘technical tools’ required to deliver an outcome.

Our clients say they select us as their business improvement partner for three main reasons: our people are high calibre with excellent knowledge; we offer value for money; and we have a proven ability to deliver. We excel at stakeholder management and at ensuring your business solution is adopted and used by your entire organisation.

Technology is just one of the elements we use to deliver success. Addressing technology in a vacuum, or allowing it to govern the direction of an enterprise can be dangerous. We believe that every aspect of the business needs to be considered…technology and data, the people involved and processes required, organisational issues as well as infrastructure limitations and concerns, governance requirements and of course, internal project buy-in and sponsorship.
Deep industry expertise. We’re specialists in business improvement and growth and excel in succession planning. We are members of the Exit Planning Institute based in Chicago USA, a prestigious organisation with a highly credentialed membership base.

We are also involved with a worldwide business advisory group consisting of experts in every aspect of business globally. Extensive experience at successfully rapidly deploying complex IM projects for large private and public sector clients.

Australian-based. Locally based teams mean lower overheads for our clients and stronger connections to your business. Industry recognised for innovation. Best practice methodologies that have been proven in the field and award winning enablers that expedite IM projects.